Swiss Nationals – Final Results

This morning was the last flight of the national championship of Switzerland. There were two tasks : a fly in (with a target placed on a beautiful old bridge) and an hesitation Walz with 4 choices. The ranking yesterday after 17 tasks was tight and we ranked 5 out of 31 pilots (however the gap between us and the three pilots behind us was quite small). Fortunately, we worked hard and were very successful this morning on the bridge (3m) and the HWZ (0.07m). We therefore scored 996 and 989 points this morning, which allowed us to finally take the second place of the competition!! A great thanks to my team and to Kubicek for their support!!

Final ranking is:
1- Ivan AYALA (Spain)
2- Clement SEIGEOT (France)
3 – Uwe SCHNEIDER (Germany)
Congratulations to all pilots, officials and organizers. It was a fantastic event!



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