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Bonne nouvelle pour les utilisateurs de TwoNav qui ont eu la mauvaise surprise de voir disparaitre le champ Hint et sa possibilité d’obtenir le relèvement d’un point sur la carte en installant la version 3.0 de TwoNav. En effet la version 3.2 de TwoNav est maintenant disponible (ou bientôt sur la plateforme iOS), est elle apporte une correction à la nouvelle fonction PIN qui dorénavant peut être personnalisée et ainsi comportée la valeur de relèvement d’un point cliqué sur la carte !

Good news for all TwoNav users! The new 3.2 release is now online (or soon in the iOS platform) and gives the possibility to personalize the PIN mode, so the bearing field is back!

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Un clic long sur n’importe quel point de la carte active le mode ‘Pin’, un icône sera affiché sur la position sélectionnée et un bandeau apparaîtra sur le haut de l’écran avec des informations relatives au point défini. Le mode ‘Pin’ comprend 2 lignes contenant plusieurs champs de données. Ces champs peuvent être définis en fonction de vos besoins:

Do a long press on any part of the map to access the ‘Pin’ mode, the selected position will be marked on the map, a window displaying information related to that point will appear at the upper side of the application. ‘Pin’ mode features 2 lines containing several data fields, these fields can be defined according to your needs:


On a donc maintenant le choix parmi toutes ces possibilités :

  • Distance
  • Altitude
  • Cap
  • Coordonnées
  • Info Cartes

We can now personalize such data into the field:

  • Distance
  • Altitude
  • Bearing
  • Map info (information of the selected element of the map)
  • Coordinates

Plus d’information sur cette mise à jour sur cette page.

More info about this update on this page.


Junior Worlds / Final Results

After long debates on the scoring of the task #6, final results were published on Saturday afternoon. My 3rd place was not endangered by the recalculation made on this task. However, rankings #1 and #2 (Dom and Rokas) were reversed after calculation, which was an hard situation to manage! Despite two complaints and protests, the members of the international jury decided to stick with their first decision.

Final ranking :

  1. Dominic Bareford (UK)
  2. Rokas Kostiuškevičius (LT)
  3. Clément Seigeot (FRA)

Even if I have some regrets about mistakes made during the championship (but pilots always have some regrets ^^), I am proud of my result, as I was flying solo for the first time (my co-pilot Guillaume was too old to be allowed in the basket). It was a nice experience and, now I know that I can manage everything on my own, I will always fly solo in the future.  I only need a smaller balloon, as my Kubicek XR is a bit too big to descend as fast as I wish ^^ Of course, I will be looking for a small Kubicek balloon 🙂

Thanks again to my team, to Kubicek and to all competitors and officials! See you next year for more events!

Junior Worlds 2014 final results

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