FlightWinds [EN]

Capture d’écran 2014-06-26 à 10.28.25

FlightWinds is a functionality who can record the different wind layers that the balloon will cross during a flight. There is nothing special to do, when we launch Ozitarget, the recording start automatically. We can set up by open the “Help” menu of OziTarget, then “Settings”. “Flight Wind Step” will set up the step of the recording (here every 50m), and “FlightWind Buffer” can set up the buffer (how many meters will be take around the altitude recorded). Like the Windreader tool, we can draw the wind lines on a selected waypoint by using “Draw at WP”, or draw at current position by using “Draw at Current” button. We can also choose the the thickness of the lines and the size of them. 3 colors is available basically, but it can be changed if you want by double click on it.Little extra, we can sort the wind layers by the altitudes, or by the speed if we want to search the fastest winds, or by the direction !

This is a help video made by Sean Kavangh, in which he is explaining all of this !

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