Quick start

Capture d’écran 2014-06-26 à 09.58.56

I will quickly explain here how Ozitarget works, the different menus and the description of the information fields.

Visually, Ozitarget looks like this:

Capture d’écran 2014-06-26 à 10.22.18

There are only 2 menus, “Data” and “Help”, and the rest is composed of informations fields. All the fields can be moved and placed as desired, and it is also possible to change the color of the background and the font size.  Here, from top to down, we have the  altitude (in m or feet), the speed (in km/h or kts), the distance to the target (in m), the heading, the bearing, the turn, the name of the navigated waypoint, the estimated time to destination, and finally the AGL altitude.

The last field at the bottom is a tool that draws the wind ground by 2 ways : manually (if you receive the information by radio for example here 123°) or you can click on the “Hold” button to select your current direction. Then you just need to select the waypoint where you want to draw the wind line, and Ozitarget will draw it! Very useful to draw the approach line on the target!

Capture d’écran 2014-06-26 à 22.44.42

When the “Data” menu is open, we get this screen shot. These are all the tools offered by Ozitarget + the different Save and Load options. So, Task Rings allows to draw 4 circle at same time on the same waypoint. Windread is here to enter all the pinball informations and draw what one needs on the map. Scoring Areas is here to draw different kind of scoring areas. Multiple Targets is able to navigate to 4 different waypoints at same time. FlightWind can register the different wind layers that the balloon will cross during the flight. WPT Tools allows you to entered the 4 digits coordinates. Finally, Altitude Simulator is a little simulator who can simulate the altitude, in order to play with OziTarget and test it !

I will detail you all this different tools and their functionalities in this specific pages:

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