Windreader [EN]

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A lot of pilotes continue to take a paper map on the basket , in spite of using a moving map software, because they can’t draw with it ! Indeed, some pilots like to prepare correctly their flights or choose their FON by drawing the direction of the main wind layers. So, with Ozitarget, it’s finally possible, and we will soon import pinball informations sent by mail or by the Windsond system !

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To add manually a piball, we just need to enter the altitude, the speed and the direction. if you want to add more wind layers, we need to click on the “+” button. The same if we want to delete some layers, we use the “-” button. When the piball is entered, we have two choice : to draw the wind lines on a waypoint (Draw at Wpt), or we can draw the lines on our current position (Draw at Current). We can set up if the direction are with or without the magnetic variation, and if the data is “from” or “to”. Finally we can choose the size of the lines !



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