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Belgian Balloon Trophy 2015 – Flight 2

After a rainy morning yesterday and a cancelled flight, yesterday evening the weather was with us to take off at Sport Automobile circuit (Francorchamps). 3 tasks on the TDS, JDG-3DT-HWZ.

The HWZ were at 20km from CLA, with an average wind of 10 knots, green flag at 20h00, and end of search period at 21h00 … With a quick calculation we guess that it will be already hard to get the last task in time.

The JDG was really nice to play, and I think the pilots enjoyed it!  just after the take off we flew over the sport circuit, that was spectacular!

3DT was a cake, some pilots got really perfect results and it shows the high level of this competition!

HWZ was indeed too far for everybody and some pilots like me forgot the end of the period … 

Results of this 3 tasks are already online!

European championships calendar

La saison des championnats reprend bientôt, et chaque fédération annonce peu à peu les dates de ses championnats nationaux. Voici le calendrier des championnats européens à venir par ordre chronologique. Les championnats manquant seront ajoutés au fur et à mesure.

As the championships season is about to begin, national federations are announcing their championships. This is the calendar of 2015’s european championships in chronological order. Missing championships will be added progressively.


Belgian Balloon Trophy: 13-17th May logoBBT2015

Official Website: http://bbt2015.balloonfederation.be

Event Director: Jonas Maes

FAI Loggers: YES

Number of Pilotes: 54 already registered

Registration open until: 19/04/2015

Location: Vielsalm


Luxemburg Nationals: 16-19th July

Official Website: TBA

Event Director: Jean Klein

FAI Loggers: YES

Number of pilotes: 15 – first come, first served.

Location: Ettelbruck 


European Cup: 29th July – 2nd August

Official Website: http://www.mainfonds.com

Event Director: TBA

FAI Loggers: NO, standard loggers will be used

Number of pilotes: 45

Locations: Mainfonds 


Lithuanian National: 29th July-1st August

Official Website: TBA

Event Director: Robertas Komza

FAI Loggers: YES

Number of pilotes: 30

Locations: Telšiai 


Czech Nationals: 5-9th August

Official Website: TBA

Event Director: Zoltan Palhegyi

FAI Loggers: YES

Number of pilotes: 30-40 (10 international pilots are open)

Location: Radesin 


European Championship: 10-19th Augustcropped-Logo-fekvo-1

Official Website: http://deballoons.com

Event Director: Claude Weber

FAI Loggers: YES

Number of pilotes: 105

Locations: Debrecen 


French & UK National: 22-26th August

Official Website: TBA

Event Director: David Levin

FAI Loggers: YES

Number of pilotes: 65

Locations: Etampes 


Women European Championship: 14-19th SeptemberImage Messages(863079347)

Official Website: http://ekballonvaren.nl/

Event Director: Mathijs Debruijn

FAI Loggers: YES

Number of pilotes: 40

Locations: Drenthe 

Belgian Balloon Trophy 2015

Après une longue pause bien méritée de quelques mois, voici venues les premières dates de championnats nationaux à l’étranger pour la saison 2015. La première date connue est donc le championnat combiné Belge/Pays-Bas qui aura lieu à Vielsalm en Belgique du 13 au 17 Mai 2015.

After a long winter break of many months, the firsts championships dates are coming for the 2015 season. The first known date is the Belgian/Netherlands Nationals which will be held in Vielsalm – Belgium from 13th to 17th May 2015.

Capture d’écran 2015-01-18 à 10.24.46

Ce championnat annonce un niveau assez élevé avec la participation des meilleurs pilotes Allemands, Suisse, Luxembourgeois, Belges, et Hollandais, le tout sous la direction de Jonas Maes et avec l’utilisation des loggers FAI.

Vous trouverez toutes les informations nécessaires sur le site officiel du championnat :


This championships announce a high standing level with the participation of the best pilots from Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. The event will be directed by Jonas Maes and FAI loggers will be used.

You will find all informations on the official website : http://www.bbt2015.balloonfederation.be

Facebook page of the event