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World Championship 2014 Results Analysis

Now that the World Championship is over, it is interesting to analyse the results in more details. I therefore made an in-depth analysis of the scores and came up with several graphics and tables. As a reminder, you can find the official final results here : Official Final Results WC2014

Let’s have a look first at the top-10 ranking evolution across the championship. What does this graph tell us? We can see here that the 3 winners – Yudai, Uwe and Lupercio – were already in the top-5 after the 5th flight. We see also that 3 pilots started quite badly but came back in the ranking after 5 flights: this is the case for the 2013 European Champion and Vice-Champion Rokas Kostiuskevicius and his dad Rimas, but also for my russian friend Artem Denisenko.  Unfortunately, Stefan Zeberli, a great swiss pilot I had the chance to meet during Swiss Nationals this year, missed the podium after having been very close to be a world medal winner this year.

WC2014 Results Top 10 evolution

Let’s look now at some specific tasks to see which competitors are the best respectively for targets tasks (every tasks involving a physical target and only one marker drop, e.g., FIN, JDG, HWZ, HNH) or FLY-ON tasks.

The following table presents the results only for FON tasks. This inform us on which pilots are the best at choosing a FON and then reaching it of course ! The results of Yudai FUJITA (JAP) are really impressive with a mean score of 15m out of 3 tasks. When you know that FAI loggers have a 5 meters accuracy, this is amazing. You can also see that the top-10 is almost the same here than for the general ranking. The USA team shows a little weakness here with the first US pilot ranking 20th. On the contrary, we see that some pilots who are not  in the top 30 (my friend Roman Hugi #33 or my colleague at the Kubicek Factory Team Michael Suchy #48) are actually very good at FON tasks 🙂

WC2014 Results FLYON tasks

This table now presents the results only for “physical targets” tasks. The spanish pilot Jose-Maria LLADO was the best at throwing single markers with an average distance from the target of 86m. Here we see also that the US team is much better at this exercise than the  FON with 3 US pilots in the top-10 for physical targets tasks and 7 US pilots in the top-20! I know that US pilots are used to these target tasks and experience brings a lot of success 🙂 Similarly, there is a legend saying that the amazing German pilot Uwe Schneider throws hundreds of markers every year during training flights… Looking at his ranking (9th) on target tasks, this might actually hold true! Finally, it is also impressive to look at the mean score for all competitors on Task #22 (HWZ) : only 18m on average. I assume that it was really raining markers that day on these targets!

WC 2014 Results Analysis Target Tasks

Now we have analyzed results and tasks, we can look at the penalties and their influence on the general ranking.  Please note here that some penalties are estimates based on distance infringements. For example, Mark SULLIVAN got a 50m distance penalty due to marker not unrolled completely.  In this case, I looked at how many points this pilot would have got without this distance penalty and calculated the difference between his score with and without penalty. We can see here that the penalties for some pilots have consequences on the ranking. My friend Artem Denisenko was quite unlucky here with some logger handling penalties making him loose 2 places at general ranking! I also estimated that Stefan Zeberli loosed approximately 600 points and Ralph Fasler approximately 400 points by entering wrong coordinates to declare the FON of the task #21. It’s not a penalty but I think it’s interesting to see the impact of a wrong logger handling.

WC2014 Results Analysis Penalities

Regarding penalties, I also have noticed that sometimes not unrolling your marker will make you loose more points (about 850 points in the case of Mark SULLIVAN task #22) than impacting another balloon during a midair collision (500 points for Andrey KULKOV task #5). Unfortunately, the rules are the rules!

Finally, I also calculated individual graphs for the top-20 pilots with the ranking evolution, the evolution of mean score for each flight, their ranking for FON tasks, ranking for physical targets tasks and finally the impact of penalties on their ranking. In the case some pilots not in the top-20 are also interested in having their individual graphs, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Individual graphs look like this:

Capture d’écran 2014-07-29 à 19.31.20

Please find the .pdf files under the following links:

Yudai Fujita – Uwe Schneider – Tod Isley – Stefan Zeberli – Sergey Latypov – Nicolas Schwartz – Paul Petrehn – Rhett Heartstill – Rimas Kostiuskevicius – Rokas Kostiuskevicius – Nico Betzen – Marc Blaser – Lupercio Lima – Jose-Maria Llado – Joe Heartstill – Alexander Dultsev – Andy Baird – Artem Denisenko – Fabio Passos – Gerald Stuerzlinger

All the websites you need to know to follow the World Championship !

As the world’s will start soon in Rio Claro (Brazil), a lot of teams created blogs or Facebook’s pages to follow them during the event, to see their pictures, results, feedbacks, etc. As it is hard to find all of them, I will provide you with all the links I know here =).

Let’s start with all official websites 

frFrench Team 

Nicolas Schwartz and Jean-philippe Odouard will update together this Facebook page and also publish on this blog.

atAustrian Team 

Follow Andres Simoner, Gerald Stürzlinger and Werner Schrank on this blog.

deGerman Team 


chSwiss Team 


plPolish Team 

You can follow the Polish Team on this Facebook’s page.

usUSA Team

BalloonPong’s Facebook page and website will follow the USA Team. You can also have a look at this blog created especially for the event. One of the pilot, Mark Sullivan also has a Facebook page.


Brazilian Team 

This Brazilian blog has a special page to follow the world’s and more, especially about the Brazilian pilots.

ruRussian Team 

You can follow Sergey Latypov on this Facebook Page. All news about others Russian pilots will be posted on the Russian Federation’s website and Facebook page.

caCanadian Team

The team of Jason Adams will post everything about world’s on this Facebook page.

nlDutch Team

Hawkeye Henk and Henk Broeders will give news on this website.

mxMexico Team

Odin Aragon created this Facebook page to follow him.

jpJapanese Team

Satoshi Ueda will update one this Facebook’s page.

itItalian Team

This is the Facebook’s page of Guido Montemurro for the World’s.

Of course let me know if your blog or website is not here !

Swiss Nationals – Flight 1 results

Hard first flight this morning in Switzerland due to a complete lack of winds (1 kt on average) despite a lot of tasks to fly: Hesitation Walz, Fly In, Hesitation Walz, Watership Down and Elbow (in any order). We had no time to run all the tasks and unfortunately had to sacrifice some of them. However we truly had the time to enjoy Swiss landscapes ^^
After an hour of hesitating for the choice of a launch field, we finally made a decision (take off at 6:50 am), which appeared to be good considering the great score we made on the first Walz (0.10 m) (see the picture, my marker right in the middle of the target!). 40 minutes later we arrived on the FIN, just 2 minutes before it’s closing time (8:30 am). We scored 30 m (gravity drop). We finally had only 30 minutes remaining to do another hesitation Walz, the target of a watership down and an elbow. Believe me, these 30 minutes were stressful and hard! Here are the results.

Premier vol compliqué ce matin en Suisse car pas de vent (moyenne 3 km/h) et de nombreuses épreuves à voler ! Deux valses hésitation, un fly in, un renard inverse et un coude à réaliser.
Nous n’avons pas eu le temps de tout faire et nous avons du malheureusement sacrifier des épreuves. Du coup nous avons vraiment eu le temps d’admirer les paysages suisses.
Après une heure d’hésitation pour le terrain de décollage on se décide enfin (décollage à 6h45), et 40 min puis tard il s’avéra que c’était le bon choix car on fait un carreau sur la première valse (sur la photo, mon marqueur en plein milieu de la croix !). 40 autre minutes plus tard on arrive enfin sur le FIN 2 min avant sa fermeture … (8h30). Pour faire 30m par gravité.
Il nous reste 30 min pour faire une valse, un renard et un elbow …. Autant dire que ces 30 dernières minutes étaient stressantes et compliquées !
Voici les résultats.








Swiss Nationals / General Briefing

We just arrived in Bischofszell (near Bodensee) after a long adventurous trip from France to Switzerland (a big issue with our car forcing us to borrow another one this morning – Thanks dad!).
First flight planned tomorrow morning. Glad to have Claude Weber as event director, I am sure we will have exciting tasks to fly this week!

Debriefing AU/DE Nationals

The competition area :
It’s mountainous and the relief makes the flights really technical and interesting.
Every morning we had strong winds because cold air goes down from the mountain. Every afternoon, there was a lot of CB, becoming thunderstorms during the evening. That’s a pity!

The pilots :
47 pilots (6 foreigners amongst them – Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium): http://ballon2014.at/teilnehmer.htm
A lot of top-world pilots (Stefan Zeberli, Uwe Schneider, Markus Pieper…) and a great competition atmosphere. 

First flight (Thursday morning) :
Only two tasks (HWZ and PDG), very windy take-off (about 12 kt). 
It went so fast that the tasks were already over after 5 minutes. Reactivity was required!! We did 829 and 808 points. 

Thursday evening, the flight was cancelled because they were afraid of a thunderstorm coming on us. However, the weather was beautiful and it was really a pity we didn’t fly on that evening. 

Second flight (Friday morning) :
Four tasks (FIN, HWZ, ELB, XDT). Take off even more windy than the last one. I assume the event director felt force to send us despite of the dangerousness of the winds because the weather forecast for the all week was disastrous and he was probably aware that the two flights we made would be the only flights of the championship. I am happy that the Racer reacts good when strong winds: paralite and the shape of the balloon really help. A lot of pilots burned several panels during this take off and my balloon remained safe this time! 

We did 946 points on the FIN . For the HWZ, we did points 468 (40m, inside the MMA). The approach was fine however ground wind changed just as we arrived. Local pilots all choose another approach, as they knew the environment and knew the characteristics of mountain winds, which I unfortunately was unaware of (but this is good training^^). 
For the ELB we did 440 points despite the angle of 175 degree we achieved. However, the choice we made for the Elbow allowed us to be better for the Maximum Distance (I finished the Elbow on the most rapid branch) and to collect 810 on XDT. 

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.00.50

Ranking : I finished 6th of the championship and 1st Junior. I am a bit disappointed of the small number of flights and tasks.  But I’m really happy of my team and met lot of pilots here ! I really hope to come back again one day =)