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French Nationals / Final Results

French Nationals in Sablé-sur-Sarthe is now over. The weather was good and we did all 8 potential flights for a great total of 25 tasks. We finished at the 2nd place for the second consecutive year with a total of 18906 points! Our objective which was staying in the Top 5 is therefore greatly achieved. General ranking is very tight and we missed the first place this year, being only 200 points below the champion Thomas Merceron (19111 points), a very nice guy and talented pilot who deserved the title! Well done Thomas! We truly fought until the last moment, but unfortunately we did some mistakes on the penultimate day, which made us loose our slight advance… and the first place unfortunately. Congratulations also to Nicolas Schwartz, who took the third place.

Good news is: thanks to this good result, I am now the first French pilot, which means that I will be selected for the European Championship in Hungary (2015) and World Championship in Japan (2016) ! It is strange to think that 5 years ago during my first championship my basket banner was n° 44, this year it was n° 7 and next year, I will have the banner n° 1! Incredible! I am not even sure I will give the banner back after next year’s championship!!

Thanks to all competitors and officials, especially to the event director Zoltan Palhegyi who proposed us nice tasks to fly! A special thank also to my amazing team : my co-pilot Guillaume Jouaville, my beloved girlfriend Carine Lallemand and my best friend and driver Clovis Masson. My friend Sean Kavanagh, the developer of OziTarget also deserves a special acknowledgment for all the work done on his great software. Last but not least, thanks Kubicek Balloons both for designing the best Racer balloon ever and for accepting me as a member of the Kubicek Team Factory. I am very proud to fly for you and to represent the Kubicek brand around the world.

All results can be found on the event director’s website: http://balloon.hu/new/?p=1580

Competition Standings For French Nationals


(VIDEO) Winner Gravity Drop – last Target French Nationals

This video was made by Zoltan Palhegyi, on the last flying day at French Nationals. The general ranking was very tight and we really needed to make a good last flight! Fortunately, we worked hard, we chose the right launching field (quite far from those of the other competitors) and succeed in reaching the middle of this target on the Hippodrom. The task was a Calculated Rate of Approach (CRT) and the closest area was about to close, so the only remaining solution was to put the marker right in the middle (0,63cm)! My heart stopped beating until I heard the “plok” of the marker on the target. It was such an amazing moment!

Cette vidéo a été faite par le directeur des vols, Zoltan Palhegyi, le dernier jour du championnat de France. Le classement général était très serré et nous avions vraiment besoin d’assurer sur ce dernier vol ! Heureusement, nous avons travaillé dur, nous avons choisi un bon terrain de décollage (assez loin d’ailleurs des terrains choisis par nos concurrents) and nous avons réussi à atteindre le milieu de cette cible placée sur l’hippodrome.  La tâche était un RDV à l’heure et l’aire la plus proche de nous était en train de fermer, la seule solution était donc de mettre le marqueur en plein milieu de la cible (0,63 cm)! Mon coeur s’est vraiment arrêté de battre jusqu’à ce que j’entendre le “plok” du marqueur sur la cible. C’était un moment incroyable !!

Training Event Vichy – Results

Here is the final ranking of the French Team Training Event in Vichy, directed by the great Hungarian event director Zoltan Palhegyi.


FLIGHT1_Tasks Sheet

FLIGHT2_Tasks sheet

Task1_results / Task2_results / Task3_results / Task4_results / Task5_results / Task6_results / Task7_results / Task8_results / Task9_results

More infos on http://vichy2014.blogspot.fr/ (French coach J-M Lequime) or http://balloon.hu/ (Event Director Zoltan Palhegyi)

Training Event Vichy – Day 2 AM

7h00: briefing time

Flight 1 20th April am with PDG – FIN – JDG – Pilot Declared 3D Shape Task in any order.

Ce matin ca vole enfin, le pilot annonce 15 kts à 100m/sol, ca va être sportif mais ca permet de se remettre dans le bain immédiatement.Le choix du terrain était parfait, il fallait éviter les 2 ZI situées juste avant le FIN, donc prévoir de voler haut !Après 10 min de vol on amorce déjà 700m de descente pour arriver sur le FIN où on fait 10m. Le reste du vol se passe plutôt bien et on attend le scoring pour les autres résultats !

This morning it’s finally flyable, piball announced 15kts at 100m AGL, so it will be a sportive flight =). The choice of the take off field was perfect, we needed to avoid the 2 PZ situated just before the FIN, so we needed to fly high! After 10 minutes and a 700-meters descent we arrived on the FLY-IN, where we scored about 10 meters. The other tasks went well and we are now waiting for the results. 

Electronic notice Board (Zoltan Palhegyi’s website) : http://balloon.hu

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