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Debriefing AU/DE Nationals

The competition area :
It’s mountainous and the relief makes the flights really technical and interesting.
Every morning we had strong winds because cold air goes down from the mountain. Every afternoon, there was a lot of CB, becoming thunderstorms during the evening. That’s a pity!

The pilots :
47 pilots (6 foreigners amongst them – Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium): http://ballon2014.at/teilnehmer.htm
A lot of top-world pilots (Stefan Zeberli, Uwe Schneider, Markus Pieper…) and a great competition atmosphere. 

First flight (Thursday morning) :
Only two tasks (HWZ and PDG), very windy take-off (about 12 kt). 
It went so fast that the tasks were already over after 5 minutes. Reactivity was required!! We did 829 and 808 points. 

Thursday evening, the flight was cancelled because they were afraid of a thunderstorm coming on us. However, the weather was beautiful and it was really a pity we didn’t fly on that evening. 

Second flight (Friday morning) :
Four tasks (FIN, HWZ, ELB, XDT). Take off even more windy than the last one. I assume the event director felt force to send us despite of the dangerousness of the winds because the weather forecast for the all week was disastrous and he was probably aware that the two flights we made would be the only flights of the championship. I am happy that the Racer reacts good when strong winds: paralite and the shape of the balloon really help. A lot of pilots burned several panels during this take off and my balloon remained safe this time! 

We did 946 points on the FIN . For the HWZ, we did points 468 (40m, inside the MMA). The approach was fine however ground wind changed just as we arrived. Local pilots all choose another approach, as they knew the environment and knew the characteristics of mountain winds, which I unfortunately was unaware of (but this is good training^^). 
For the ELB we did 440 points despite the angle of 175 degree we achieved. However, the choice we made for the Elbow allowed us to be better for the Maximum Distance (I finished the Elbow on the most rapid branch) and to collect 810 on XDT. 

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.00.50

Ranking : I finished 6th of the championship and 1st Junior. I am a bit disappointed of the small number of flights and tasks.  But I’m really happy of my team and met lot of pilots here ! I really hope to come back again one day =)

DE/AU Nationals – Day 1 AM

First task sheet at the German / Austrian Nationals with 2 tasks: HWZ – PDG

Premier vol ce matin avec seulement 2 épreuves dues à la vitesse du vent !
Des conditions très techniques et sportives !
Voici les feuilles d’épreuves et météo ainsi que les résultats !

First flight this morning with only 2 tasks due to high wind speed !
Sportive and hard conditions
Find the task data sheet and the results !






General Briefing – German/Austrian Nationals

After a long trip to Austria, we finally arrived this morning in Puch bei Weiz to participate in the German / Austrian national championship. Since my girlfriend and my best friend Clovis were unfortunately both unavailable during this week, my crew is a bit different this time. Laure de Coligny and her navigator (Lolo) joined me and my navigator (Guillaume). We therefore have 4 pilots on board this week and this will for sure be useful to compete against all the highly experienced and gifted pilots present in Puch bei Weiz! General briefing and opening ceremony took place this afternoon (all in German!!). First flight is planned for tomorrow. Briefing at 5am.

Après un long voyage vers l’Autriche, nous sommes finalement arrivés ce matin à Puch bei Weiz pour participer au championnat national Allemagne / Autriche. Comme ma chérie et mon meilleur ami Clovis étaient tous les deux indisponibles cette semaine, mon équipe est un peu différente cette fois-ci. Laure de Coligny et son navigateur (Lolo) nous ont rejoint mon navigateur (Guillaume) et moi. Nous avons donc 4 pilotes à bord cette semaine et ça ne sera pas du luxe pour rivaliser avec les pilotes expérimentés et talentueux présents à Puch bei Weiz. La cérémonie d’ouverture et le briefing général ont eu lieu cet après-midi (en allemand !). Premier vol prévu demain matin. Briefing à 5h00.

Website: http://www.ballon2014.at/

Puch bei Weiz

Training Event Vichy – Results

Here is the final ranking of the French Team Training Event in Vichy, directed by the great Hungarian event director Zoltan Palhegyi.


FLIGHT1_Tasks Sheet

FLIGHT2_Tasks sheet

Task1_results / Task2_results / Task3_results / Task4_results / Task5_results / Task6_results / Task7_results / Task8_results / Task9_results

More infos on http://vichy2014.blogspot.fr/ (French coach J-M Lequime) or http://balloon.hu/ (Event Director Zoltan Palhegyi)

Training Event Vichy – Day 2 AM

7h00: briefing time

Flight 1 20th April am with PDG – FIN – JDG – Pilot Declared 3D Shape Task in any order.

Ce matin ca vole enfin, le pilot annonce 15 kts à 100m/sol, ca va être sportif mais ca permet de se remettre dans le bain immédiatement.Le choix du terrain était parfait, il fallait éviter les 2 ZI situées juste avant le FIN, donc prévoir de voler haut !Après 10 min de vol on amorce déjà 700m de descente pour arriver sur le FIN où on fait 10m. Le reste du vol se passe plutôt bien et on attend le scoring pour les autres résultats !

This morning it’s finally flyable, piball announced 15kts at 100m AGL, so it will be a sportive flight =). The choice of the take off field was perfect, we needed to avoid the 2 PZ situated just before the FIN, so we needed to fly high! After 10 minutes and a 700-meters descent we arrived on the FLY-IN, where we scored about 10 meters. The other tasks went well and we are now waiting for the results. 

Electronic notice Board (Zoltan Palhegyi’s website) : http://balloon.hu

20140420-122224.jpg 20140420-122239.jpg 20140420-122310.jpg 20140420-122347.jpg 20140420-122408.jpg 20140420-122754.jpg

Solo Morning Flight / Solo Crew

Ce weekend nous avons décidé d’aller voler avec ma chérie. Je voulais m’entraîner à voler solo et elle voulait s’entraîner à être équipière solo :p Nous avons tout géré seuls, j’ai fait un vol sympa et j’ai atterri à quelques centaines de mètres à peine de la maison ! Elle a aussi fait de nombreuses photos, que je partage avec vous. Ce weekend nous serons à Vichy pour un stage d’entraînement de l’équipe de France. Hâte de jeter du marqueur !!

This weekend we decided to go flying with my girlfriend. I wanted to train for solo flight and she wanted to train for solo crew :p We managed everything on our own, I made a very nice flight and landed only a few hundreds meter from our home.  She took the opportunity to take a lot of nice pictures of my Racer, which I am sharing with you. This weekend we will be in Vichy for some training flights of the French National Team.  I am looking forward to throwing some markers!!