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Belgian Balloon Trophy 2015 – Day 1

Today was the first competition day in Vielsalm. 

This morning we got a nice TDS with 4 tasks. CLA with PDG-JDG-FON-HWZ.

Well, my worries started with the piball measurements with calms winds approximately 3-5 knots and the JDG was 12 km from the CLA … 

To play the PDG was “easy” by using the differents winds, but after that the winds decreased and changed and it was the beginning of a very long flight.

Besides the calms and variables winds, I think it could be better to set the tasks really close together to achieve them quickly …

This evening, the E.D prepared 2 tasks but the flight was cancelled be wise of expected rain.

In my own opinion, we could see on radar that a window of 2 hours without rain was coming. And we didn’t observed rain between 19 and 21 hours. So it’s pity that the flight was cancelled without go on CLA to an other briefing.

Results and task data sheets can be find on the Official Notice Board.

See you tomorrow !


Championnat Allemagne-Autriche / German-Austrian Nationals

Dans un mois et demi (et oui déjà!) auront lieu les championnats nationaux Allemagne-Autriche à Puch bei Weiz (Autriche). Ce sera donc le premier championnat de l’année en Europe, réunissant les pilotes Allemands et Autrichiens, mais également quelques étrangers comme moi qui viennent s’entrainer ! J’ai donc eu la chance d’obtenir ma place dans ce championnat de 50 pilotes environ. J’ai vraiment hâte d’y être!

In 90 days the German-Austrian Nationals will be held in Puch bei Weiz (Austria). This will be the first national championship held in Europe this year, bringing together both German and Austrian pilots, as well as some foreigners willing to train as myself! I was lucky enough to get a place in this championship, involving approximately 50 pilots. I am really looking forward to it!

Puch bei Weiz map1980053_1410413135882645_1837470366_oPlus d’infos sur / More infos at : http://ballon2014.at/