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Swiss Nationals – Pictures and videos

We posted our pictures on a public Facebook album.
You can also have a look at the pictures on the official website : http://www.smhl.ch/fotogalerie

Here are some videos of targets. Thanks for following us!

SMHL 2014 from Johannes Pfahlmann on Vimeo.


Swiss Nationals – Last flight

Two tasks this morning for the last flight : FIN – HWZ. The Fly-On will be beautiful for sure as the target as been placed on an old bridge.

We ranked 5th after 17 tasks and hopefully we will be able to score well this morning to reach the podium. Keep your fingers crossed while we fly and work hard!


Swiss Nationals – Flight 1 results

Hard first flight this morning in Switzerland due to a complete lack of winds (1 kt on average) despite a lot of tasks to fly: Hesitation Walz, Fly In, Hesitation Walz, Watership Down and Elbow (in any order). We had no time to run all the tasks and unfortunately had to sacrifice some of them. However we truly had the time to enjoy Swiss landscapes ^^
After an hour of hesitating for the choice of a launch field, we finally made a decision (take off at 6:50 am), which appeared to be good considering the great score we made on the first Walz (0.10 m) (see the picture, my marker right in the middle of the target!). 40 minutes later we arrived on the FIN, just 2 minutes before it’s closing time (8:30 am). We scored 30 m (gravity drop). We finally had only 30 minutes remaining to do another hesitation Walz, the target of a watership down and an elbow. Believe me, these 30 minutes were stressful and hard! Here are the results.

Premier vol compliqué ce matin en Suisse car pas de vent (moyenne 3 km/h) et de nombreuses épreuves à voler ! Deux valses hésitation, un fly in, un renard inverse et un coude à réaliser.
Nous n’avons pas eu le temps de tout faire et nous avons du malheureusement sacrifier des épreuves. Du coup nous avons vraiment eu le temps d’admirer les paysages suisses.
Après une heure d’hésitation pour le terrain de décollage on se décide enfin (décollage à 6h45), et 40 min puis tard il s’avéra que c’était le bon choix car on fait un carreau sur la première valse (sur la photo, mon marqueur en plein milieu de la croix !). 40 autre minutes plus tard on arrive enfin sur le FIN 2 min avant sa fermeture … (8h30). Pour faire 30m par gravité.
Il nous reste 30 min pour faire une valse, un renard et un elbow …. Autant dire que ces 30 dernières minutes étaient stressantes et compliquées !
Voici les résultats.








Swiss Nationals / General Briefing

We just arrived in Bischofszell (near Bodensee) after a long adventurous trip from France to Switzerland (a big issue with our car forcing us to borrow another one this morning – Thanks dad!).
First flight planned tomorrow morning. Glad to have Claude Weber as event director, I am sure we will have exciting tasks to fly this week!